SRES Inspections Program

CER Audits

Each year as required by law, the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) inspects a statistically representative sample of PV systems which have had small-scale technology certificates (STCs) created against them under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) for conformance with Australian standards and any other requirements relevant to the creation of certificates. 

CER Inspectors

The CER engages service providers around Australia to provide expert inspection services in relation to grid-connected PV system installations. These Service Providers engage CER appointed inspectors to conduct the inspections. The CER appointed inspectors must: 

  • have had sufficient training to maintain their accreditation with the accreditation scheme operator (ASO) 
  • aware of their responsibilities as an inspector 
  • hold an unrestricted electrical license in the state or territory they are conducting inspections 
  • have sufficient experience and knowledge of the Act and Regulations to critically examine system installations and prepare inspection reports 
  • maintain a good reputation within their industry and act with honesty and integrity.

For further information please visit the CER SRES website.

Inspections by Checklist

Under the SRES Inspections program, CER inspectors use a checklist for on-site inspection and reporting. The checklist was developed with industry experts and consolidates items from regulations, standards, and industry requirements. 

The checklist uses the following categories to rate installations: 

  • Compliant – Industry best practice, adequate. 
  • Substandard 
    • Does not meet key clauses in the standards and requirements for installation and may lead to premature equipment failure or other issues 
    • Does not pose an imminent safety risk, however the installation work and/or the equipment should be improved to meet relevant standards and industry guidelines 
  • Unsafe 
    • has a safety hazard which poses an imminent risk to a person or property 

Reporting to SAA

The CER provides a copy of the final report to the Accreditation Scheme Operator (ASO) when the inspection has a Substandard or Unsafe outcome. From 29 February 2024, the ASO is SAA.