Get your training course accredited for CPD points

The CPD Training Accreditation Process is designed to provide the opportunity for training organisations, equipment manufacturers and service providers to submit learning modules for accreditation, so that upon completion of a learning module, accredited installers and designers will be awarded CPD points by Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA). 

CPD Training Accreditation Process

Training and Assessment Plan and Checklist


  1. All training providers wishing to deliver accredited Ongoing Learning Modules, must comply with the Course Criteria and Quality Benchmark Matrix, with all approved courses and events being subject to auditing by SAA
  2. A training provider must apply electronically (via email to to have their Ongoing Learning Modules accredited by SAA, by submitting the following completed documents:
      1. Training and Assessment Plan and Checklist
      2. Learning and assessment materials (or provide access to these materials)
      3. A certified Statutory Declaration sighting that all information contained in the training course is true and correct
      4. Any other documents as required by the application

    Note: nationally recognised units of competency delivered by an ASQA-approved RTO are not required to apply for CPD training accreditation

  3. The accreditation review process may take up to 10 business days from the date that the completed application and documentation is received by SAA

  4. Where further information is required, SAA will provide details to the training provider

  5. SAA will either approve or refuse the application for accreditation, and if the application is refused, SAA will provide reasons for the decision

  6. On approval, a learning module will be valid for two (2) years, provided there are no changes to the structure and learning outcomes or external changes that render the training content invalid or redundant

  7. At the end of two (2) years, training providers may apply for re-accreditation of their Ongoing Learning Modules through the above process


The application fee of CPD accredited Ongoing Learning Modules is $250.00 (including GST) per application. All application fees are non-refundable.


Criteria and Quality Benchmark Matrix




Topic Relevance

Meets a need as identified by SAA, and does not contain an excessive amount of corporate information or marketing material


Design of Course

Key learning outcomes are identified and met



Delivered by an appropriately qualified and skilled person



Training is of sufficient duration to adequately cover the topic being taught



Training includes an assessment component to ensure that participants have learned the material being presented


Successful Completion

Certificate is issued on successful completion


Information Pack

Access to key learning information is provided through handouts, with reference to accessing further information


Quality Assurance

Participants are to be given the opportunity to provide feedback for improvement


Record keeping

Training providers are to keep records of training completed and can provide this information to the SAA on request



Online and face-to-face training contains interactive elements to engage participants and promote learning



Online and face-to-face training is accessible to all participants and suits a variety of learning styles



Training is focused on applied learning that allows participants to apply the new knowledge and skills in their work