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Solar Accreditation Australia

Solar Accreditation Australia is here now

CEC-accredited individuals need to transfer their accreditation to SAA before June. There is no fee to transfer your accreditation. SAA will accept all current CEC accreditation expiry dates and fees paid. An accreditation renewal fee will be due on expiry of your existing CEC accreditation. If your accreditation has expired, you must gain accreditation with SAA to remain eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). This will attract a renewal fee. There are no immediate proposed changes to accreditation requirements, including relevant training units. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) completed under the CEC’s accreditation scheme will be recognised for the first 12 months of the new Scheme.

Become Accredited

Installers and designers can apply for different types of accreditation, depending on the work they want to do. The relevant accreditation must be held for government rebate eligibility.



Find the right CPD for you

Looking for continuing professional development? No dramas. We’ve got you covered with this list of approved training courses you can choose from.

To maintain your accreditation for the full three years, you must complete 100 CPD points a year.