Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

In our conversations with people looking to transfer their accreditation to SAA, many are asking the same questions and looking for the same answers. Here are the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What are the accreditation categories?

  • Grid Connect Photovoltaics (GCPV)
  • Grid Connect Battery Systems (GCBS) 
  • Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS)

How do I get accredited with SAA?

For a transfer of accreditation or new accreditations you can apply here: Apply for accreditation – Solar Accreditation Australia (

What information do I need to complete an application?

  • name, address and contact details
  • business details including ABN/ACN (as applicable)
  • proof of identification (for example, driver’s licence)
  • current electrical licence number (if you hold grid-connect install accreditation)
  • current Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation number and expiry date
  • current picture of yourself (a selfie is acceptable)
  • any information on outstanding compliance or rectification works
  • working at heights certificate
  • a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency

What training/courses do I need to do before applying for accreditation?

SAA accreditation pathways can be found here.

My accreditation has expired or is expiring soon, can my application be prioritised?

Yes, we can prioritise your application. Please provide us with the application number (APP####) via email to enable us to quickly process your application.

I need to transfer my accreditation and renew, what should I do?

You can transfer and renew in the same process. You will need 100 CPD points and must pay the 3-year renewal fee. If you are expiring soon we suggest you do this in one process. The three years will be added to your existing expiry date.

How long will my transfer take?

We are aiming for 10 business days processing time. Your CEC accreditation remains in place until you transfer to SAA. Unless your accreditation is about to expire (in under 10 business days), please be patient and we will get to you ASAP. If you are about to expire then please email us your application number (APP####) and let us know when your accreditation expires.

Will my accreditation number change? What will it be?

A new number will be provided upon successful transfer to SAA. This new number will start with an S and has the same number of digits as the previous number.

How many CPD points do I need to renew my accreditation?

100 CPD points are required in order to renew. The CPD requirement is annual so 100 CPD points will be required each year in order to maintain the current status of your accreditation.

I am accredited to Design and Supervise. What is happening to my accreditation?

Your accreditation can continue with Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) but there are new limits on the scope of this accreditation. These changes align with the federal legislation that governs the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

Can I have a one year accreditation period rather than 3 years?

The terms of Accreditation service under SAA are set at a 3 year term, paid upfront. Those are the commercial terms set by SAA and backed by the CER.

I have applied to transfer my accreditation to SAA. I also want to add another accreditation, what should I do?

Wait until the transfer process is complete and you have a new SAA accreditation number. Then you can apply online for your new accreditation here.

I am accredited with CEC and have requested a transfer to SAA. I would also like to apply for battery accreditation. What should I do?

Wait until your accreditation has transferred across successfully and you have a new accreditation number to start a new application with SAA.

The CEC did not have the correct details for me in their system. Can I change them with SAA?

Wait until your accreditation has transferred across successfully and you have a new accreditation number. Then you can log into your account dashboard and change your details.

Does SAA offer deferrals?

No, deferrals are not available through SAA. We offer a fixed accreditation period of 3 years only.

Why has CPD Core gone from 30 to 20 points?

Once the transition is complete, SAA will be offering new options to obtain CPD points. This will include essential learning modules and a mentor program.

Where can I get CPD points?

The SAA website has a list of available CPD courses here.

I received an extension to my accreditation with CEC of three months or less but it used all my CPD points. Do I need to get another 100 CPD points?

No, SAA will honour the CPD points that you had previously, and these can be used to renew your accreditation. Please provide SAA with evidence of the courses you completed, ideally the certificate of completion. Alternative forms of evidence must contain your name, date of completion, the course name or code and the number of points for the course. Once provided, SAA can manually add the CPD points to your accreditation. SAA will add back the points you held, less 25 CPD points for the three-month extension.


Your accreditation was extended to only 3 months in Feb, SAA will attribute 75 of the 100 CPD points you had onto your account. The three-month extension represents a ¼ of the year and therefore a ¼ of the CPD points. You will need to obtain an additional 25 CPD points (Core or Elective) before your expiry on 31/5/24 in order to remain current.

Does SAA have an installer lookup?

Yes. SAA has an installer lookup. You can input an accredited person’s SAA accreditation number to confirm their accreditation status with SAA here.

I have both full and provisional accreditation, what should I do?

Transfer your full accreditation to SAA. Once you have your new accreditation number, you can contact us about your provisional accreditation to complete the process.

I can’t upload my photos. What should I do?

Try a different web browser or device to upload your photos. Alternately, wait until your application has been processed and you have a new accreditation number, then you can upload the photo in the portal.

What is the fee structure?

Fees information is available, here.

Can I get an extension of my accreditation?

No, SAA cannot provide an extension of your accreditation as it does not sit with SAA until after the transfer. SAA will not be offering extensions to accreditation. If your accreditation expires, it remains expired until such time that you renew.

When I renew, will the three years add on to my existing expiry date?
Yes, your existing expiry with the CEC will be honoured and the three years added on top.

Can you confirm you have received my application?

You should have received an email from SAA following your application. It will have a number associated starting APP#####. This is confirmation that SAA has received your application.

Where do I download my certificate of accreditation?

Through the installer dashboard on the SAA website. Note: It may take some time for this certificate to appear. Please be patient.

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