Accreditation Renewal


Renew your accreditation seamlessly with Solar Accreditation Australia! Simply provide your updated documents online and pay the fee to renew your status, providing a full three years of accreditation. Your accreditation is subject to you attaining 100 CPD points for each of the three years of your accreditation period. Continue advancing in the solar industry with extended assurance and professional recognition with Solar Accreditation Australia.

Application Requirements

  • Upload Photo ID
  • Upload a Selfie
  • Provide your Electrical License Number and Expiry Date
  • Provide your CEC Accreditation Number
  • Upload any outstanding CER / CEC Compliance Correspondence (where applicable)
  • Confirm that you have accrued 100 CPD Points in the last 12 months
  • Upload your Public Liability Insurance & provide the Expiry Date


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